Enjoy a fast, effortless and pleasurable reading experience
with nice Chrome Speed Extension
Fast Read for Google Chrome is extension that displays a word by word in one place, which makes it possible to perceive more text at the same time without straining your eyes.

When you usually read the text, your eyes run from word to word, from line to line.  Chrome speed extension allows you to concentrate at one point and speed up the reading process. The concentration of eyes on the spot also gives your brain more opportunities to better understand the material read. This technology is called "Rapid Serial Visual Presentation."

When we read in the usual way our eyes are constantly on the move, our brain is trying to grab as many words as possible with one peripheral glance to instantly read them. In this case, the average person reads about 200 words per minute. What if you could read about 1000 words per minute? Speed reading extansion can help with this.

• To use Fast Reader:
1. Select the desired text;
2. Right-click on it and select "Launch Fast Read".
(Or set a shortcut, standard Alt + S)

• Keyboard control:
- Alt + S - launch Fast Reader
- Space or Enter - start play, pause;
- Right and Left - next, previous word;
- Ctrl + Right and Left - next, previous sentence (or use the mouse wheel);
- End and Home - go to the end, beginning;
- Up and Down - speed control;
- "+" and "-" - font size;
- Esc - exit.

There is also a special night mode to reduce the burden on the eyes in the dark. Use it and read faster online!
Be sure that this extension 100% works properly, situations like "Extension is not working" are excluded.